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How do you do?

My name is Daniel and I am one of those creative types, I dabble in photography and design and I am currently teaching myself how to code.

I also blog about these things.

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Java Diaries #9 – For Loop’s Sake

Welcome to “Java Diaries” a series in which I document my self-teaching of Java as both a record of what I’ve done and a reference for me to check back on later – hopefully aiding the information I’ve been consuming to sink in. Click here to view all posts in this...

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Java Diaries #8 – Switch Statement

After the last post in which we covered Method Overloading, this time it was on to the first of Control Flow Statements which are, as the name suggests, statements which control the flow of the code. These statements are essential tools which allow you to be able to decide and control where the program goes.

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