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Your Round the World Trip Planner: How to plan the trip of a lifetime” is a fantastic little eBook that you should buy to get you in the mood for your travels! 

I was sat at work bored one day secretly researching how to plan a trip and go backpacking for the first time and I came across a website called and this article.

The website itself had lots of useful information on it but I don’t like going on my phone in bed as it hurts my eyes, however I can read my Kindle Paperwhite perfectly fine so I wanted some information I could read in bed on my Kindle, so coming across a blog post recommending an eBook about planning your trip seemed like fate!

Sherifi is an ex-editor of and is an experienced traveller so you knew the information in the book was going to be good advice, and better yet it was advertised as being free!

But alas, it is no longer free, which is fine because it’s worth every penny (and it’s cheap anyway so not a lot of pennies needed).

The eBook itself is quite short, I read it in two nights but that’s good because it shows it doesn’t waffle on about useless information. It is straight to the point and well organised.

It includes a wealth of information based on what to do before you even set off, like what you need to pack, the different types of air fares and round-the-world tickets and even the best sites to go to for the best deals!

Of particular interest to me was the section to do with which Apps to download and augment your travel experience. It let me know about a couple I hadn’t heard of yet.

I would definitely recommend buying this book, and you can do so by clicking the name of it at the start of the post, this will take you directly the Amazon page!

I really hope you enjoy it and if you do send the author a tweet @backpackermacca and he will more than likely reply as he did with me, he seems a genuinely nice helpful chap so even more reason to support his eBook!