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Hover Vespa

Modelled in Blender / Textured in Substance Painter

The Idea

During lockdown there was a lot of talk in my shared home office space about how cool vespa’s were and I had just been practicing a lot of hard-surface modelling so I wanted to put my skills to the test with both Blender and Substance Painter and create this custom steampunk hover vespa.


The Process

My first point of call was to find a range of reference images for a Vespa as well as blueprints.

Once I’d found the blueprints I got them into Photoshop and removed a lot of the noise and text, sharpened up the lines and portioned them into top, front, back & side view to help me model once I was in Blender.

Once these images were into Blender that’s when the long process of modelling began. The hardest part of this process was getting the rear wheel side panels correct – I was eventually happy with the shape though.

The other really difficult piece for me to model was the handle bar and instruments – this is a deceivingly complex shape but I was happy with the result in the end.

The Texturing

For the texturing I used the real world references I gathered as well as rusty paint reference images. You can see the texturing process in the timelapse below.

The Result

I was very happy with the result of this piece and it has had some great reactions online. Take a look at some more imagery below.

Steam Punk Hover Vespa